Faulted in Creating Oracle New Connection using Oracle JDBC


I encountered a problem when I tried to connect to the existing Oracle database.

I am using Oracle 12c (not express)

According to the (https://inductiveuniversity.com/video/connecting-to-oracle-express?r=/course/databases-in-ignition)]lecture we are to set the Connect URL.

For XE, we are to put: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE

What do we put for non-express Oracle?

Then the Username must be the user name of the database, am I right? And do we need to put schema name there?

Username: schema.username or Username: username

Thanks in advance!

I just want to update that I already found the problem with my new connection’s creation: the Database Service Name was missing.

The Connect URL should be:


And the user name doesn’t require schema.