Faulted Not eligible for use with Ignition Maker Edition


using sample on GitHub I compiled the “OPC-UA-Device-Example-unsigned.modl”.
Importing the module on gateway I’m notified : “License > Invalid”, “Faulted Not eligible for use with Ignition Maker Edition”. What I can do?

You’ll have to modify the example to be compatible with Maker Edition.

I think this is as easy as using the most recent SDK dependency versions and then overriding isMakerEditionCompatible() from GatewayModuleHook.

Hi, thanks for reply.
I didn’t find “isMakerEditionCompatible()” function but i found isFreeModule().
Overriding isFreeModule() the license is now ok.

I am having the same issue. Where is isMakerEditionCompatible()``GatewayModuleHook located.

Then only place I can find that has the @Override is:

but when I put it there and compile it throws this error:
[ERROR] /home/nx/Kafka/kafka-gateway/src/main/java/org/ignitionmdc/apache/kafka/GatewayHook.java:[36,5] method does not override or implement a method from a supertype

What version of the SDK are you compiling against?

joev - I’m guessing you’re just pulling from the Ignition Module Development Community repos. ( https://github.com/IgnitionModuleDevelopmentCommunity/Kafka ). Those point at 8.0.1 for compatibility with everything in the 8 branch. Make sure you update your pom.xml to point at the 8.0.14 SDK or later to get the isMakerEditionCompatible() function included in the API.