Faulted OPC Connection that cannot find (TestOPCConnection)

On a production Gateway, we have an OPC Connection that is shown ‘faulted’.
But on the Gateway config, OPC Connections, I can’t find it to do something with it.
It is a TestOPCConnection, that I think was there when it was a trial version, got removed along the way, but maybe not removed correctly (?) and there are still remnants? Not sure, but if any help in removing that fault, thanks.

Did you experiment with Sepasoft’s modules? That problem is common if you uninstall those without deleting that custom OPC connection first.

If so, the solution is to reinstall them, delete the connection, then uninstall again.

There’s also some hacks you can do with the internal DB, but not recommended unless you have IA support looking over your shoulder.

No, that name isn’t familiar, so I am fairly confident that it is not ‘that’. So, we may be left with those ‘hacks’. I can call support and discuss. Thanks.

The other likely one is the OPC/DA connector or tunneler.