[FB12545] Igntion 8.0.3 export/import client tags

I’m trying to import/export Vision Client tags on 8.0.3 and it is grayed out so I cannot select either the import or export option. I’m trying to migrate a 7.9.11 project to 8.0.3 and I’m stuck on this part. Any help is appreciated.

You may wish to read the support policies then contact support at ( no colon equals no emoji )
Some folks have recently been attempting this with .CSV files, yet alarms would be an issue.
Not a trivial pursuit… sorry

I’ve contacted them I just thought that maybe I could get a little quicker response from the forum so I cross posted here.

I’ll update this post based on what they say.

Sorry, this is still in the backlog. I’ve added the ticket number to the post and someone will come and update it when we implement it.

As a workaround you can restore a gateway backup from your 7.9 gateway into a fresh 8.0 gateway instead of trying to bring everything over piecemeal.

You can also individually export the ‘Client Tags’ project resource from 7.9, and it should import fine into 8.0.


Thanks! That worked.