[FB14255] - Problem adding 'allow' property to Perspective inline frame component

I need to add an iframe to a Perspective view to a site that uses one of the clients cameras (Laptop, webcam, phones camera). In order to get the ‘allow this site to use your camera’ popup to show in Chromium-based browsers, you need to have allow=“camera” attribute in the iframe section in the browsers DOM.

Adding allow : camera to Perspective Inline Frames properties through designers structure -> insert -> value does not actually add the property to iframe attributes in browsers DOM (it does not show up in Inspect Element tools).

Firefox does not have a requirement for allow=“camera” so I know that other parts of the application are working as intended, this only affects browsers that have ‘allow’-attribute requirement.

Is there a way to get perspective to add this allow-property to DOM?


Currently this isn’t something that you can do, but I’ve created a feature request ticket in order to add an ‘allow’ property to support this functionality. That ticket number is 14255. Not sure when this might get implemented, but when it does it should show up in the nightly/release changelog.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!