[FB6859] Cannot connect to gateway after installation and reboot

AfterI finish installing the Ignition Application/Gateway, it takes me to the desktop, however, as soon as I reboot, and I need to get back to the gateway homepage, it will not bring up localhost:8088. Any ideas on where to begin troubleshooting this?

What OS are you installing on? Sometimes on Windows the service needs to be set to “Automatic (delayed start)” instead of “Automatic”.

OSX Mojave.

Sorry, looks like there’s an open bug ticket for this. You’ll just have to start it yourself when you need it after reboot on MacOS for now.

How do you start it from terminal? Or any other way to start it once I’m logged in? I tried running the command from terminal to /usr/local/ignition/gateway start but it gave me back some issue with the wrapper.



It should be ./ignition.sh start

Everything seems fine in the universe at this point… :slight_smile:

Now I can get back to my training. Unless you can help me figure out how to connect Ignition to an Oracle DB on a VM running on Mojave? :slight_smile: