[Feature-1023] Change the text style of the title of popups

Ignition 8.1.x
It will be cool if we can have a parameter to change the text style of the title of popups.

system.perspective.openPopup - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (inductiveautomation.com)

We have an open feature to introduce a re-vamp of Popups which would allow for better user customization.

Until then, you can actually do this now as long as you don’t need your Popup to be draggable.

I use a Popup template which accepts a title and a viewPath to construct a Popup. The template View is a Flex Container in column mode with the following layout:

L_ FlexContainer (row)
    L_ Label
    L_ Icon (path="material/close")
L_ Embedded View

This template expects params of title, popup_id, and viewPath. The Label text is obviously bound to title, the Icon has an onClick Event which closes a popup with the supplied popup_id, and the Embedded View has its path bound to the incoming viewPath param. You could add a labelStyle param to style your label however you’d like.

Using this template, I open my Popup by supplying the params and specifying that I do NOT want the action to handle the title, draggable, or showCloseIcon settings by setting those all to false.