[FEATURE-1047, 1048] Enable creating new tags in UDT when folder not selected

8.0.0 (b2019040718)

In v7, it’s possible to add new tags to a UDT template while another tag is selected. Now, a folder or the root must be selected first before the add new tag button becomes available which makes adding tags one click slower.


I agree that the current UDT add tag workflow is less than ideal so there’s a feature ticket to address it. Thanks for letting us know.

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Coming back to this…
What I don’t like now with the new tag workflow is that previously in 7 you could quickly compare configuration of multiple tags or UDT instances by:

  1. select tag and edit
  2. show configuration tab that you want to compare (e.g. UDT parameters, history, expression, alarms etc)
  3. click on another tag/udt instance and the tag editor swaps to that tag and keeps the tab you had open, open.

In doing that, you can easily click through a number of UDTs or tags to make sure their config is correct, in particular this was useful for checking UDT instance parameters are correct. In the new tag editor, this process is far less efficient as you have to click multiple times to access any detailed info such as the udt parameters.
(it’s the sliding config panels that I don’t like that slide in and replace the whole window as I feel it decreases efficiency. These panels:


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This sounds like a reasonable feature to bring back to 8.x. I opened a ticket for it.