[Feature-11132]Perspective Progress Bar Features

Just wondering if the following features on a progress bar either exist already or could be added in the future?

  1. Ability to modify colour of progress bar fill. Have played with all the style properties that I can find, and none of them seem to change it
  2. Ability to modify progress bar fill radius (currently trying to match the border radius to the progress bar radius by trial and error, if I could set them both the same explicitly it would be easier)
  3. Ability to use in reverse e.g. for a cooling process looking for temperature to cool from 100°C to 0°C
  4. Ability to use with negative numbers (currently it seems the implied minimum is zero, so can’t use with any negative numbers)
  5. Ability to have a label superimposed on top (e.g. that could be bound to the process variable being represented by the bar), that changes colour if necessary as the fill covers it to keep it legible. Even better if there could be a final “complete” colour when it reaches 100%

Items 3 and 4 I can easily get around with some expression tags or some simple PLC code, but it would be easier if I didn’t have to!

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The Progress Bar and Thermometer both seem like oddly separate special cases of what really should be the same element, with a few defaults tweaked for one or the other.

And yeah, I can’t find any way of changing the color (or any other style properties) either, the best I came across is rotating it around in front of a background of choice, haha.

There are several feature tickets open against the Progress Bar as of right now. For using it in reverse, you could rotate it 180 degrees for now (that won’t work once it has a label of any sort).

I’m not so sure negative numbers would be a possibility; how would you display negative progress?

As for the completion colors, users would (eventually - not now) probably be expected to set those with a property change script on the value attribute (if currentValue == 100: self.props.color.complete = #00FF00)

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Negative numbers are useful if you’re going from -100 to 0. Or in my case, in combination with the ability to use the progress bar in reverse, when going from 20 to -80.

All of that, as I say, can be worked around with some scripting/expressions/PLC logic - just a nice-to-have.

Changing the colour of the fill is probably my highest priority feature. Everything around it on my display is coloured to match the branding etc, and it just stands out a bit.

Yes, branding was my first argument for the ticket - in fact, my exact wording was “What if I want an Ignition-branded Progress Bar?”

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