[FEATURE-1147] Perspective - Table loading icon and message

I’ve come with up some alternatives but it would be handy to have it as a native feature if the user could see some icon and message when the inputs changes and the query is running like this one when it’s empty:

I guess there are some limitations on when it applies, but in our project most of the tables are only refreshed when the user changes the inputs and there’s a confusion on whether it’s loading, it’s the same data, or the query returned empty.


I’ve put in a ticket to see about the possibility of getting this feature added in the future. I will let you know when I find out more.


Just circling back here - we’ve added this feature to our backlog.
I don’t currently have an estimation of when this will be implemented, but I will let you know when it is!


How about now? Have been looking for this and don’t see it.

This feature has not been picked up yet. It looks like it might still need some Design, but other than that it is just waiting for a team to have the time available to bring it in.

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Thanks for the update!

Any update on this?

There’s been no movement on this feature. I’ve updated the ticket to note that there is still interest in this feature.

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A thought on this: Consider providing a generic expression/scripting function that examines a property and returns true if that property’s binding (if any, and one of the asynchronous types) is “busy” in the background. :grin:

I believe the current approach is to actually supply a “loading” prop as part of the meta category for every component (it will be locked to system permissions). The loading property will be true if any binding (aside from loading) is still pending a return value. While that property is true, certain components will have their loading appearance in place. It’s not noted in the ticket, but I would expect that once loading becomes false it will not go back to true until the page is refreshed.

That doesn’t actually cover the OP’s use case. ):

A generic binding monitor can be wired up however needed. And would make sense in Vision, too.

My idea would be a bit tricky–there is nothing in existing infrastructure (in either Perspective or Vision, like a propertyChange) that would signal such a monitor (as an expression) to go from false to true. ):

Actually in looking at Carl’s comments it appears that the field would actually be an int which denotes the number of active bindings waiting to evaluate. It would be up to the user to then supply indicators that a component is waiting on bindings to evaluate. I left notes in the ticket to consider some way to indicate when a “driving” property of a component is waiting on a binding (like props.data).

@cmallonee Is this still on the backlog?


Yes, but it looks like it’s been assigned so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Horray! Some of my DB bindings take a few seconds to load (its our ERP, so I have little ability to optimize further) so this would solve a lot of user issues related to waiting for data to load.

hi @cmallonee,

Is there any news on this ?


The internal ticket went backwards. It’s now in the incubation phase, meaning it is waiting for design work to be done, or a clarification on how it should be implemented. I would not expect this feature anytime soon.