[feature-11607]Auto-creating Database Tables

The inbuilt modules all have the ability to auto create the table they need, no matter what sql database you’re using.

Is this possible to do in scripting, leveraging an already written set of functions? The important part here is the ‘no matter the sql database’. It would be easy to just call the CREATE TABLE construct for SQL server, but I don’t want to script in conditions based on database if I don’t need to to enable it to run on any configuration, say running postgre or mysql.

You might want to poke around with the SDK, starting with Datasource.getTranslator() and the resulting DBTranslator’s methods. (Psssst! Unsupported!)


Although I did actually file a feature request a few months back to expose this to scripting…somehow. Exactly what that would look like is a bit unclear, but at some point there might be function(s) for this.


Thanks, I’ll have a look. I always get the question from one of my colleagues when I pass on components whether he has to create the tables himself, or if they will create themselves :man_shrugging: