[FEATURE-11647] Perspective: Difficult to add new properties to components


I find it difficult to add properties to a component. I find I need to move my mouse around a bit to finally show the + symbol and line to add a new property, only to have it disappear again due to my poor “mousemanship”.

If I’m adding 1 or 2 it’s useable, but any more than that and it becomes frustrating and cumbersome. If it would show any time the cursor moves between properties, not just under certain conditions, it would be far less frustrating.


I’ve also noticed this can be finicky. Right-click–>Duplicate on an existing property sometimes seems to be the fastest way to add another property.

We have an improved design for this workflow, it just hasn’t been implemented yet. You’re definitely not alone in thinking it’s finicky :slight_smile:

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This feature was added in the 8.0.6 nightly build that was uploaded Friday (10/25). Please see the changelogs for additional information.