[Feature-1181]Tabbing through components in Perspective

Is there a way to setup a “tab order” in perspective. I have 20 some numeric entries on a page and when I press tab I jump all over the place. I tried adding a prefix to each components name (0-26_ComponentName) but that didn’t seem to help either. Is there any way to do without having to restructure everything I already have?


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Pretty sure that sets up the DOM.

I guess you could use focus and blur events.

But, it probably is quicker to just refactor it and put it in the correct order.

There is an open feature request to configure this, but the current approach is to manipulate the z-index of input components such that they are in the order you want the tabbing to follow. Long-term we will most likely introduce something like Component.meta.tabIndex which would allow for specifying the order of components.

Thanks, I will look into the z-index and see if I can make it work.