[feature-1261] Command Line Installations

Are there other Command Line Argument Keys that are not listed in the Command Line Installations - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation document? Is there a way to to do unattended uninstall, or a command to restart the gateway service during an upgrade?

That page does talk about unattended installs.

Is there something in particular you’re trying to do?

We are doing some development using Chocolatey to do an unattended install or upgrade, the install with silent arguments for unattended works fine. When Chocolatey tries to uninstall it fails to uninstall unattended and pops up a graphic asking the user to accept the uninstall. If the Chocolatey upgrades the gateway it doesnt start the gateway. So if you do an unattended upgrade, then you have to fire the gateway start batch script to restart the gateway.

So you’re saying "unattended=text" or "unattended=none" isn’t working when the uninstall fails for some reason? Do you know why it’s failing?

Yes “unattended=none” fails when Chocolatey attempts to do a silent uninstall. It pops up a graphic where somebody has to click on a button to tell Ignition to uninstall. That defeats the purpose of the silent commands.
The other issue is when Chocolatey tries to run the installer on a system that already has Ignition on it. The silent installer stops the gateway, does the upgrade, but doesn’t restart the gateway.
Thats why I was asking if there are other commands not listed or if there is any documentation with using silent installers with Chocolatey.

Ok, hopefully @jcoffman has some ideas when he’s online later.

There is already a ticket to add support for autostarting the unattended upgrades (unattended installs start automatically currently.) The ticket has priority to be worked on soon, but I don’t have an ETA.

as far as the unattended uninstalls I added a note as part of that ticket to test that functionality and if its not working to include a fix or to make a follow up ticket for it.

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Ok great. I think it would help to add commands to command the installer to install, uninstall, or upgrade.

This feature was added and will be available in 8.1.22.

Hope that helps!
Jonathan C

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