[Feature-12638] No longer able to convert tag folder to UDT type

As in title, this feature seems to be missing in v8.0 that was available in 7.9.x

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Yes, this is a known gap and something we have on the roadmap to reimplement.

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This feature is missing in 8.0.2 and is really useful.
Will it be back?


@miketob, I moved your post into the existing thread we have for this.

We are missing the funcionality of creating a data type from a set o selected variables in Ignition 8

In the meantime, I figured out a workaround:

  • Create a new empty UDT and name it.
  • In the tag browser tree go to your folder and select all the tags and subfolders it contains.
  • then, still using the tag browser tree, select your new UDT and paste the tags.

Thank you Mike

I believe this was fixed with v8.0.3. I upgraded and it is now working.