[Feature-12695]Provide Access To Window Dimensions In Perspective Via Page Props

I’m trying to create a project with a docked menu tree on the left that when an item is clicked will either open the view as a popup or open the target as the main view. IE, when the resolution is larger than 800x600, it is a popup over a plant layout view, but when the resolution is small (<800 wide) it opens as a mobile friendly view. I think I might be able to accomplish something similar to this in an event/onStartup script if I could only find a way to grab the browser dimensions. Is this even possible? Thanks in advance

We aren’t currently providing access to the browser (viewport) dimensions. It is something we plan on providing access to in the future, but I don’t have a timeframe for you.

I’ve been trying to understand the perspective template and in the header there is a custom property that is called menuSize. Where is that getting populated/pulled from? I could use that in the script if I could add the same property to each view that I want to make a popup. Thanks