[Feature-12805] Perspective: Dropdown in read-only mode?

I am making a view in the perspective module for a mobile solution.
I have a dropdown, which enables me to adjust what data is shown in a table.

The problem is, when I test the solution on my phone or tablet, it opens the default keyboard which take up a lot of the screen and makes it impossible to choose between the various options of the dropdown list.
Is there away to disable the keyboard. I have already disabled the property “search” so it is not possible to type anything in the dropdown field to search for the options in the dropdown. However, the keyboard still opens.

Does there exist a way to make the dropdown read-only so it won’t trigger the keyboard on the phone or tablet?

The search for Dropdown wasn’t disabling correctly. There is a fix pending which will disable mobile keyboards when search is disabled. Fix should show up in nightly by end of week.

Thanks for the heads up :+1:

This feature was added in the build that was uploaded today (2/22).