[feature-12872]Password Field autocomplete


We have been running into issues with the browsers autocomplete in password input component. If you have saved username and password for a site, the browser will autocomplete the input field if there is e.g. input field with type=password present.

In HTML you can disable this with something like:

<input type="password" autocomplete="off">

Is there a way to do the same thing in Perspective?


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Not yet, but it’s an active feature on our backlog. I’ve added this forum thread to our internal ticket, so we’ll notify you here once it’s been completed.

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The next Nightly will contain a change to the Text Field, Text Area, and Password Field components to allow access to the autocomplete HTML attribute. Unfortunately with Password Fields, most- if not all modern browsers ignore the “off” setting for password fields. A setting of “new-password” might work, but it will be dependent on the browser.

Please see The HTML autocomplete attribute - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

update: Autocomplete had to be backed out because having a <form> element on the page caused regression- Perspective Pages reloading when Button components were clicked. Though a solution was found, we decided to play it safe and roll the autocomplete effort into a larger Perspective Forms effort.

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