[Feature-13002] keyboard shortcut for switching between modules in designer

When working in designer, the Vision module has a separate workspace to the Perspective module - that is, if I’m working on a Vision window, I have tabs for all my Vision windows along the bottom, and likewise for Perspective views. When I’m working in Vision, there’s no reference to any of my in-progress work in the Perspective module - I have to scroll up and select the Perspective module in the project browser to switch back to the Perspective workspace.

If I’m switching between the two frequently - e.g. to try and ensure consistency between the order of components on a Vision window and a Perspective view - it’s a little bit cumbersome to keep switching back and forth, especially as if I just click the “Perspective” item in the project browser tree, it takes me right back to the Page Configuration page, instead of back to the view I was working on. Also, if I have a lot of views open (and therefore expanded in the project browser tree), it’s a long way to scroll up and down. The same thing applies if I’m working on a shared project script, and switching back and forth to Perspective or Vision to test it.

Could a keyboard shortcut be added to cycle through any open workspaces, e.g. Vision, Perspective, shared scripts, etc? I’m envisioning something similar to the way Ctrl+Tab works in RSLogix 5000, cycling through the logic editor windows, controllers tags, cross references, etc.

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This is a solid idea - limited utility for some users, but definitely helpful for “power” users (or, as you point out, someone frequently switching between two similar workspaces). I’ve filed an internal ticket.