[Feature-13004] shortcut to tag traits

I have a tag event I’m currently working on, which involves a lot of back and forth into the tag event editor as I test things. In the tag browser, there’s a Traits column, showing that the tag has an event associated with it - I instinctively want to click on this icon as a shortcut to the event scripts dialog, but of course, it’s just indication, not a button.

Could this functionality be added? Perhaps it could also be extended to e.g. alarms, tag history, etc - just provide shortcuts to each configuration dialog without having to click through a few screens to get there?

This is an interesting idea - I don’t know how much utility it would have for things like history (since that’s just a section on the main tag editor screen) but clicking into the sub-dialog for event scripts would be pretty neat. I filed an internal ticket so to review whether this gets implemented.

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