[FEATURE-13072] Perspective Sparkline properties

Will the Perspective Sparkline component eventually get more the of the Vision Sparkline component’s properties including:

  • Range High / Range Low
  • Desired High / Desired Low
  • Desired Range Color

These porperties are what makes the sparkline a very useful component. Also, will we eventually be able to tie the points to a dataset? Right now we need the custom project.history.getSparklineData function to convert the data into a CSV string.

Finally, will the components under root in a Perspective view eventually sort alphabetically?



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Sorry for the delay. Yes, we intend to add those properties to the sparkline component, in addition to including dataset support. The sparkline component was one of the first components we built for Perspective and definitely needs an upgrade. There is a feature ticket for these changes.

Regarding the order of a views children. The order of the children determines their z-order in the view. So, if you’d like to organize them differently, you can right click on a component and choose to move it forward or backward via the context menu. This will effectively change the component’s position in the property editor. Hope this helps. - Yousuf

I noticed that the 8.0 user manual references the Range High and Range Low properties now (https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Perspective+-+Sparkline). I’m currently using the 8.0.1-rc build released last week and I don’t see these default properties. Have these properties actually been added to the perspective sparkline component? If so, could we get the proper syntax to reference them? Thanks!

It looks like the description there was copy and pasted from the Vision Sparkline description which is currently incorrect. It doesn’t look like this has been implemented yet. The internal ticket for this issue is still active and part of our backlog though.

I too need these properties for my projects. We use sparklines on dual float tanks and need to differentiate the colors.

  • Full Scale
  • Zero Scale
  • Line Color

any news for dataset support?


Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience. Looks like your feature requests were placed in our queue today, so most likely sometime next week. Will keep you posted.


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Thanks for your patience. The sparkline component has been updated to support the requested features. It should be available in the next nightly build.