[Feature-13075]Provide Session IP as Session Property

Is there any way to check where a perspective client is opened - like an address or host name? I’m creating a setting which is set based on which device a user opens a client on. Previously, session.props.gateway.address appeared to contain a value that could be used for this purpose - but now it is actually always the address of the gateway. Is it / will it be exposed anywhere else?

session.props.gateway.address was mistakenly displaying the session user’s IP, when it should have been displaying the Gateway’s IP all along. This was just fixed in the last few days.

system.net.getIpAddress() should get you what you’re looking for.

Thank you for the quick response!

I took a look at the function you mentioned, and that always gets me the gateway IP when I call it from perspective - not the session user’s.

Ooops, yes, after thinking about it, that script would be running on the Gateway, so it probably is returning the Gateway’s IP… My mistake.

I’ll open a ticket for this because we really should be providing that value as a Session property as there’s no way via scripting to obtain it since the script would always run on the Gateway.

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This feature was added in the nightly build uploaded today (4/16).

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