[feature-13217,14189]Template critical missing features for embedded view

As embedded view should fulfill the template concept in vision for perspective, there are some features which are missing and cause development process so slow and tedious. I want to know is there any plan to add these feature in new releases or there are other way to do these?

1- Drag & drop of view into opened view, cause an embedded view created with path of that view. This is the same behavior of template in vision.
2- Double click on embedded view open the view in the path props, to edit it.
3- Any define params for a view will automatically created in embedded view and change accordingly. Like custom properties in template. Now I have to define them in each instance of embedded view which is opposite of rapid development concept of ignition!!!
4- Scale text in respect of size of embedded view. Right now if I set to percent mode, text will not resize and other graphic and component resize correctly. For example I create a valve with tag label, when I resize the embedded view the shape of valve resize but the label remain the same.

  • option of ‘Revert to master size’ of embedded view with respect to the view like template.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Some of these are already implemented or on our roadmap:

  1. Drag and drop to create embedded views should work right now, although you do be using the designer be on Windows or MacOS - Linux causes some problems for the embedded browser in the designer.
  2. This is a good idea - it won’t be double click (because that’s the action for ‘deep selecting’ a component, and we want to leave that alone, but I added a ticket to implement a right click -> modify source view action, similar to Vision’s right click -> modify template master action.
  3. This is similar to a feature we already have on the roadmap. Rather than automatically bringing in every view param (because there could potentially be many of them), we’re planning for embedded views to “suggest” known view parameters when you’re adding keys to that params object in the Embedded View component.
  4. This is a nice idea, but actually really hard to implement, especially with the dynamic nature of Perspective. CSS doesn’t “know” what div it’s being applied to (or rather, have meta information about that div) so it’s not really able to calculate a better font size based on element width. You can get something like this using a height specified using vw, rather than units/px/em - vw or vh. See this article for more details - but note that these are viewport units, so they’re not relative to the specific embedded view you’re on: https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/f/font-size/#article-header-id-6
  5. Reverting to the “master” view size only really makes sense for coordinate containers inside coordinate containers, so it’s fairly unlikely we’ll add something like this, although not impossible.
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Just to stir the pot here with some sass, creating report parameters for a report only applies to the reporting module, but it’s still available :slightly_smiling_face: just because some useful feature doesn’t apply to everything, doesn’t mean it should be excluded :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: