[Feature-13277] Client Launcher 8 Compatibility with 7.9 GW

Is there any plans to make the new 8 launcher allow 7.9 clients to launch? It seems the process to launch is almost identical based on the java command to execute. I am trying to figure some deployment plans to be prepared for 8. We already have the 7.9 launcher installed on users, but running two concurrently could prove to be cumbersome with a lot of users. Being able to deploy a single launcher that works with any GW on our network would be nice if possible.

This won’t be possible - the command line is similar, but the Java versions are fundamentally incompatible (Ignition 8.0 takes advantage of modern java features that we couldn’t on 7.9 due to the requirement to support Java 6, 7, and 8 simultaneously).

Hi @ryanjmclaughlin,

While the 8.0 launchers have some fundamental differences, There are some things that could be done to potentially allow launching of 7.x clients/designers, though that wouldn’t work for current versions of 7.9 (up through 7.9.11). That being said, some changes could be introduced into 7.9.12 (or a later version, if at all) that would allow compatibility with the 8.0 launchers. The biggest issue being the handling of the JVM used for clients. Im going to open a ticket to check on the feasibility of this and to gauge the interest.

Thanks for the input,
Jonathan C

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Thanks for the info. If thats the case then its prob not a big deal. If it was easily possible it would make the transition smoother (transition users to the new 8 client anytime, then upgrade the GWs).

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Its been awhile, wondering if anyone has been able to review this as a possiblility? We are working on our 8 upgrade and the hardest part for sure is making sure 200 clients are going to “flip the switch” all the the same time, using the same launcher for both versions would make this significantly less risky of an upgrade.

Not currently no. It’s not super high on our priority list and would require quite a bit of work in the new launchers to support. Im not optimistic about it becoming a reality or something that makes it in anytime soon.

No problem. Thanks for the heads up!