[Feature-13356] is it possible to configure the browsers tab text?

It currently shows the project name and I’m wondering if there is a way (or will be a way) to configure what is displayed; possibly in the Page Configuration settings?



Hi @code_skin,

Right now it is not possible to configure the browsers tab text.

I can put in a ticket to see about the possibility of adding this feature in the future and get back to you.



Hi there.

Do you have a follow-up on this topic?

It would be very helpful in our project as well, our customer already requested that.

We’re currently using an extension to do so. Our workstations use chrome, so this is the one we’re using. If that’s your case, just use a standard login account and it will setup for every workstation.

In an upcoming nightly build, probably in final 8.0.2 or possibly 8.0.3, the page title will update dynamically to refresh the project’s title field (rather than the name). It is not possible to change just the page title yourself in the designer, nor is support for that currently planned - please post to ideas.inductiveautomation.com if you’d like that to change, since that’s the best way for us to gauge interest in a feature.


This feature was added in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (8/19)

Also, to clarify my older statement - the specification actually changed, and you can now also write to page.props.title in order to set the title of the browser tab, in addition to it correctly reflecting the project’s title.

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I have tried to find the actual place where to reference this but could not find it in designer

Have a look in the property bindings:

Hope this helps.


Is there any plan to also change the icon in broswer tab?