[Feature-13460] Make Perspective table column invisible but still available

Similar question was asked but does not quite describe my use case. Defining columns does make undefined columns invisible, but it also makes their data inaccessible. To have data in a table that is still available for scripting or other uses but not visible to the user- is the only solution making their column width zero?

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At the moment, yes, setting its width to zero is a good work around. We could potential include a ‘show’ property to the column config. How would you expect selection to work in this scenario? Should the selection data include hidden data? I’m assuming not, but I could be wrong.


Yes, absolutely it would need to include the hidden data- I am not sure what hidden columns would be used for if not to access their data (I would just leave columns out of the query if I didn’t need them).

A common scenario would be data with string or other columns plus an auto-incremented ID used in database normalization. The id itself is just a number and meaningless to the user. But if I want to take an action on that selected record, I will need that ID. So just like in Vision with the table customizer, I would want to put that extra data in the table for easy access but not have to show it.


Something else to note here that may apply to other users (I don’t think it will help your situation) is that while the data is inaccessible, you could make use of the subview property since all column data is passed (even the undefined columns).

We have a ticket to get this feature implemented. We’ll update you when its been added!

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I need the same thing, though the width=0 workaround does work fine. Maybe if it was more clear that this is the workaround we don’t need the feature explicitly?

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This feature was added in the 8.0.5 nightly build that was uploaded today (9/23).