[FEATURE-13674] Has reporting been added yet?

Just wondering if the ability to do reporting in 8.0 is available.

The module is there, and presumably works as before. Do you mean a report viewer in perspective?

Yes the report viewer for perspective is what I meant.

Where is the report viewer in perspective?

There isn’t currently a report viewer component in Perspective - though I’ve been told it’s high on the list to be added soon.

Will it be available in release of v8.0?

No, there will not be reporting component(s) in 8.0.0.

But I see it in demo project which release at ICC.

That’s the PDF viewer component, which has been and is still available in the beta. To serve up a report, it uses the Webdev module. A more first-class way to embed your reports is planned.

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Is there a rough timeline on when we might see the reporting component for perspective? I’ve got a project that will be deployed around January, and if the component would be ready by then, I’d rather wait on developing that side of my system to test that out instead of messing with the WebDev module.

Hi @grietveld -

The Perspective Report Viewer is very high on our list - It’s something we are working on currently. While we can’t make any promises on when to expect this feature, I would estimate 8.0.6 or 8.0.7, which are both scheduled to be released before the end of the year.

I’ve linked the ticket above so that this thread can be notified when it gets added.

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We are setting up our test environment now for 8.x but are planning to stay with Vision.
Is the report viewer component still available in Vision 8.x?

Yeah Vision has existing components similar to 7.9. Perspective is where a direct route is missing, but you can make it work using WebDev.

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Can you give us a more precise date on when perspective report will be release?

No, but probably soon. There’s an active change request introducing it that’s going through dev and QA review.

Any ball park timeline updates on when we might see this? I’m hesitant to recommend the customer gets the webdev module if this might roll out within the next few weeks or month.

No firm timeline. It’s still in process (been kicked back and forth a few times for polish). Could be the next release, could be another two or three.

Ok, I’ll weigh my options accordingly for this one then.


As of the 8.0.9 nightly available today, perspective has a dedicated report viewer component.

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