[FEATURE-13741] Drawing tools in perspective


Is there any plan to add drawing tools in perspective for v8.0 release?
What about symbol factory?

It’s really hard to develop HMI without any basic tools in perspective. It will be nice if I can draw my shape in vision and copy and paste it to perspective. I draw a lot of shape in vision which I need to use them in perspective but right now the copy and paste doesn’t work.


Yes, better SVG support and drawing tools are coming. No, they won’t be available at 8.0.0 release.


What about symbol factory?
And copy & paste shape from vision to perspective?

The existing symbol factory already works in Perspective.

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The inserted symbol and SVG shape can’t be select for different part. In vision we can easily ungroup the shape, select the different part and bind tag to change that part color.

For example if I insert an LED I can’t select the lamp shape to dynamic the color in perspective. Each time I select the symbol it select the whole shape as single one.
Does this behavior change in release of v8?
Inserting a SVG shape without able to ungroup and dynamic different part of it is not useful at all.

Sure you can. Open up the elements array and find the section you want colored.


The problem is if shape has 50 element it’s hard to find what you want. And it’s time consuming vs mouse click and selection like vision.
Also there is no ungroup function so if I want to delete or move or scale an element it’s not possible.
Could you tell me how to delete an element on an SVG graphic.

Right-click the node you would like to delete within the array, then select “Delete”.

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Is there any information when this will be in perspective?

Hi Paul, when you say better support and drawing tools are coming, do you have any idea what this will look like?
Will we have functionality on par with how we can currently edit SVGs in Vision? i.e. click on each shape in the SVG and edit styles, dive into groups by double clicking on the SVG and groups within, ungroup groups, etc. etc.?

Ignore if it will be as above, but if it won’t be the case and it remains similar to how it is now, I feel that this is an incredible leap backwards. At the moment, editing an SVG is basically impossible, especially when it comes to moving objects around. But even styling them is currently a nightmare, as most SVGs that are imported have groups within groups within groups, no component labels, and without being able to click on elements and having them highlight to show what you’ve selected, it’s basically impossible to select the thing you’re looking for…

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I genuinely have no idea how it’s going to function, but we will try to have the experience at least on par with Vision, and ideally better.

any update on when the editing & drawing tools will be released? Version 8.0.5, still no drawing tools.



Any news or update regarding svg editing in perspective?
One year pass sand we haven’t see any option.
At least having select part of svg by double clicking is nice. Finding different part of svg is quite nightmare.

I’d like to echo your statement as well. Once again I find myself extremely frustrated with how difficult it is to develop with inductive automation’s Perspective due to lack of drawing tools and SVG functionality. In the meanwhile, deadlines and bosses don’t understand why it is difficult to develop simple looking screens.

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Yes bosses and clients are so blinds and can’t accept perspective take 10 times more compare to vision.(crashing, slow environment and lack of drawing)

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I really like perspective, and look forward to doing more work with the product in the future. I see the potential, and obviously its ‘good enough’ to sell to customers. But your right, some of the issues are tough sometimes. Incomplete documentation, no drawing tools, system crashes, incomplete components, all these things make it difficult, and it’s nearly impossible to explain to the end user why this SCADA product doesn’t work exactly the same as their last SCADA product. I will say this: Inductive Automation has a lot of courage to release a SCADA product that doesn’t even have drawing tools! Obviously there are work-arounds. But developers have to spend, like you said, 10X the amount of time to get a simple PID drawn. Makes it harder for us to compete with different products when this new web-based solution isn’t as easy to develop with.


Simple drawing tools would be great. Also, rounded corners on boxes, and shadows would be great as well. It would be great to be able to make cards so as to organize controls and other information easily in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

You can literally do all of these things already in perspective in the style property. Really, you can do most things that css supports in Perspective

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That’s great! Would you be able to point me in the direction of docs that would explain how to do this? I’m interested in a dashboard look like this (working on a smart home dashboard for my house):

It’s not clear to me where I would add the css in order to create the cards that I could place components on (multiple components on each card). Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!

Not sure about doco, but for the cards, I would create a perspective Style for these and then apply this to the containers that house your various cards stuff, via the props.style.classes property. What I’d define in the style would be (i may have missed something) :

.psc-Card {
  background-color: #fff;
  border-top-left-radius: 8px;
  border-top-right-radius: 8px;
  border-bottom-left-radius: 8px;
  border-bottom-right-radius: 8px;
  box-shadow: 2px 2px 5px #ADB8EB66;
  margin: 5px;
  padding: 5px;