[Feature-13763] Perspective Datetime Input, option to disable keyboard input

I was wondering if there is, or could be in the future, a way to prevent the user from typing a value into a Datetime Input component, similar to how you can disable searching in a Dropdown component.

The use case for this is on a tablet when the user clicks on the Datetime Input component, the keyboard pops up and squishes the remaining view port space making it too small to fully display the calendar that also popups up when clicking on the Datetime Input component.

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Hi @nburt,

I’ve put in a ticket to see the possibility of getting this feature added in the future. I will let you know when I find out more.


Were there ever any developments on this?

Hi @awalker,

Did this feature make it into the build?
I’m seeing the same on V8.0.11.

This is still a low priority feature ticket on our backlog. Right now the Perspective team is more focused on high-level optimization, so new features, especially relatively minor ones like this, are probably going to wait for a while. We’ll update this thread if there’s any movement on the bug ticket.


This feature will be resolved with the 8.0.13 release