[Feature-13797]Perspective 8.0.6 Tree - individual item styles

Hi All,

I have a tree set up like a tag browse tree to dynamically build a time series chart. I am looking for a way to show on the tree which items have been added to the chart already. I have the tags showing in a legend but I need a way for someone to be able to take tags back off the chart that have already been added. I want to do this by changing either the icon, background color or text of the item so they stand out on the tree. Is there a way to access these parameters for each item individually?

Not yet, but we have an open feature ticket to allow for this. No ETA as of yet.

Ahh okay sounds good. Thanks for the update.

I am looking for this too. Is there yet a way to style individual items in a Perspective Tree, such as you could with Vision? Icon, color, etc.

(While using 8.0.11 nightly)

While the feature is still open, it looks like each individual item has its own style and modifications to that style seem to be represented in the component, with the exception of the “parent item” of the current level.

For example:
with props.style.backgroundColor = #ACDD9C (general background)
and props.items[0].style.backgroundColor = #D62929 (Menu Item 1)
and props.items[0].items[0].style.backgroundColor = #D9B9B9 (Submenu Item 1)

The top-level and individual item stylings are applied correctly:


And the child “sub-items” (“Submenu Item 1”) styles are applied correctly, but you can see that the “parent-level” (“Menu Item 1”) style is ignored and instead has the root-level style applied:


I also verified the Icon colors are applied as expected.

I have a feeling we are talking about two different objects. The screencaps you sent look like the “Menu Tree” (navigation object). The original post (and my question) is about the plain old “Tree” object.

THAT object has “defaultNodeIcons” that define the icon and color for folders, open folders, and non-folders. The fact that it says “defaultNodeIcons” makes me think that someone was intending on having icons and colors that could be used for each item (say based on the contents of that item), and only if those where NOT specified would the “defaults” be used.

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I am also interested in styling the individual tree items. +1 for this feature request

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I spoke with tech support about this, and they pointed out that hidden in the sample dataset that comes when you create a new tree object is the answer. If you look at the item “Grandchild 1” for instance, it has an object in its root “icon” with properties including path and color. You have to add these to the data yourself, but they do seem to work well.


oh wow. Can’t believe I missed that :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the tip NorthPoint!

Me either, but then again I asked IA themselves several times and got the answer that it is not possible…so it is easy to miss…