[FEATURE-13817]Change Table Background Color

How do you change the color of a table component in perspective when there’s not any cells in that area?

In the image, i have 2 rows filled in the table and i need to change the white space below the 2 cells. I want the table to always be that size (height) and i will have a different number of cells in there 1 to 30 depends on the job.

Is it possible to change that white to something else? the background color under the style section for the entire component does not change it.


At the moment there isn’t a way to change the color there. It’s an issue we are already tracking internally, but I’ll link it to this forum post so you get notified when it gets implemented.

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Ok, thank you.

I want this as well. Also it would be nice to have row level progress bar.


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Can you clarify this for us? You can already place Progress Bars into rows by configuring the relevant column to display as a View and specifying a viewPath which contains your progress bar, so what you’re requesting is not clear.

I found out today that I would like to have this feature fixed as well. It would make the table component look a lot cleaner


for me also need to change the background color of table in perspective…how to change …?

Hey guys, until this is fixed I’ve got a simple workaround-ish approach. Add empty rows to your dataset if the number of data rows is less than what will fill your table in the view. And to get fancier, add background color property items to each cell object and color it the same as your view background, or whatever color you want your empty table background to be. Here’s an example of a table in a carousel object that would otherwise show that ugly white space below the rows with data.


If you get data form history the row number will fixed for you then how do you add more row to it?

Use a transform script on the history binding to check the number of rows and add more if needed



is there an example you can supply. Thanks