[FEATURE-13817] Perspective table pager buttons CSS?

Can anyone explain how to change the style of the elements of a Perspective table?

Figure 1. How do we change the background colour of the disabled (1) and enabled (2) buttons to match the view theme?

I’m able to change colours, etc., using the standard style dialogues but the Perspective table component is made up of many elements and I can’t see how to modify any particular one - the pager button colours, for example. I can see the “button” classes in the final HTML but can’t figure out how to configure them in them in Designer.

Many thanks.


Sorry for the delay. There’s no simple way to modify the styles of the pager buttons at the moment. We do have an open ticket for this, it’s just been low priority. Also, in 8.0.2, the table component received an overhaul, including the pager. The new pager has changed significantly. Perhaps the new design is more suitable for you project.