[FEATURE- 13821,13824] Retrieve browser tab info

Is it currently possible (will it ever be?) to retrieve browser tab information?
Basically we wanted to limit the number of tabs per user.

I tried to do it manually by creating routines on startup and shutdown of each view but the shutdown routine won’t run if the user closes the browser tab. Any ideas?

Hrm. There definitely should be a way to get a list of all pages (a.k.a. tabs) for a given session. Still, even if you had that, you’d need a way to destroy pages individually, which we don’t currently have.

What’s the motivation here? Why limit # tabs per user?

Our goal is to limit the user capability to open too many tabs, eventually repeated tabs, which might cause performance issues. It is expected that the user has some tabs open but we wanted to have control over which ones, how many of each and so on. Most views are running queries and some of them are quite slow and ‘heavy’.

Makes sense to me. We’ve added a feature ticket to be able to close pages (#13821) and a feature to enumerate the pages that a session has open (#13824)