[FEATURE-13894]Ignition 7.9 / VISION Module / File Explorer to PDF Viewer | **Create Search Function to Network Directory***

Ignition Platform
7.9.10 (b2018112821)
OPC-UA Module
4.9.10 (b2018112813)
Reporting Module
4.9.10 (b2018112813)
Vision Module
9.9.9 (b2018081622)
SQL Bridge Module
8.9.10 (b2018112821)

All we’re looking to do, is allow our technicians the ability to search the “Root Directory” for files, in addition to scrolling through the File Explorer. I was able to create a new 800x480 window, add the ‘PDF Viewer’ and connect/bind that to the ‘File Explorer’ and have that point to our specified ‘Root Directory’ - Then the ‘Selected Path’ is what appears in our PDF Viewer. Right now there are upwards of 150 separate PDF files in the folder, all starting with a 4 digit number, then the file name. So we need to be able to have the/a ‘Search’ box link to the same ‘Root Directory’, with a numeric-only search function, having the result of that search be sent back through to the PDF Viewer.

Side-note: If it’s possible to link all 3 together in succession, that would be ideal, as in:
1> Search 2> File Explorer 3> PDF Viewer.

However, if a dual-access approach is more logical &/or more pragmatic to setup, that’s just fine as well, meaning:
1a> Search 2> PDF Viewer
1b> File Explorer 2> PDF Viewer

Hopefully all of this is as detailed yet as straight forward as possible. Right now I’m at a standstill in progress, pursuing some type of Python scripting as our best bet to accomplish the goal.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


That does seem like a great use case for adding better filtering to the file explorer. While it doesn’t help your immediate need, I’ll open a ticket to add this.

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