[FEATURE-13927] Filter by multiple columns on a Perspective Table?


I have recently been exploring Perspective Tables, and was wondering if it was possible to filter by multiple column fields using the built in filter (i.e. filtering by item number, AND created date, etc.). Saw some posts more closely related to Alarm Tables, not sure if the same methodology applies. Thanks in advance!

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I agree, something like in the image below, where you can specify your column name in quotes, and string them together would be very useful.

We have a ticket to add this functionality. I’ll link it above and let you know when its been implemented.


Hi any update on this feature? Any timeline?


This function would also be very useful for us… any updates here?

You could probably build this functionality by populating your table using an Expression Structure binding and binding the inputs for the expression structure to whatever you want to filter by. One downside is that your filters have to be static.

You have to return your data using a script transform and use the parameters in the expression structure to filter that.

I’m finding this hard to explain. An expression structure binding works a lot like a subroutine call so you’re basically basically making a parameterized script that returns a dataset.