[Feature - 14010]Perspective alarm status table columns

Is it possible to manipulate the properties of the perspective alarm status table to show a column for the Provider? We use one provider per site, so this would be a very clean way to distinguish between different projects without trying to shoehorn it into the label field or something (I know it’s visible in the source if you squint but it’s not ideal visually). If it’s not possible, is this something that could be added?

Also does anybody know how to rearrange the columns?

No, it looks like the only way a Table is aware of the provider is through the source of the alarm.

I’ll reach out to Dev to see, but since it’s already part of the source and not otherwise a part of the alarm it’s not very likely.

If you’re looking to filter results in the table based on the provider there is a different option available: we recently added an extension function for the Alarm Tables which allows for filtering displayed alarms based on some logical condition. If you right-click an alarm table in the Designer and select “Configure Scripts”, you should see the filterAlarm Extension Function. If you enable this and supply a condition to be met, then you can pare down what alarms are displayed. While there’s no provider to compare against, I was able to display only alarms from my “ExpressionTags” provider with the following code:

# the string casting is important because you actually 
# get a QualifiedPath object here
return 'prov:ExpressionTags' in str(alarmEvent.get('source'))

There is no current way to modify the display order of the columns. I think we have a feature request for that, but I’ll look to see and make one if we don’t have one.

Any update on a feature request to rearrange columns?

Ideally this would be possible within the UI, but at a minimum this should be possible within the Alarm Status Table properties.

Additionally, please add a label property for each column so that we can override the default column header with something more meaningful (e.g. Device instead of Display Path).


The feature request is still open, but development/design has not begun.