[FEATURE-14041]Translate perspective login page

I tried to localize perspectives login page, but had no success. Is this feature availabe in 8.0.3 (b2019070502)?

Additional info:
I added the terms Sign In, Continue and You must Sign in to continue. to the translation manager.

The login page is not currently translatable - because it’s part of the identity provider mechanism, it doesn’t have access to the same system state as the rest of a Perspective session, so translating it had to be a separate effort. It’s on our list, but hasn’t yet been picked up by a developer.

After two years… we still have an ENGLISH ONLY Login page.
I don’t know how to respond to the customer, who wants/needs Perspective in his native language…

Hi, any news about it?

No, no progress has been made. Consider telling your sales rep that this is a big pain point for you.