[Feature-14054] User Management

Does the User Management Component comes to perspective?

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A perspective version of the user management component is not currently slated for 8.0 release. There have been discussions about what a perspective version might include and how it might function. Due to the large changes and additional support for 3rd party ID providers, things like Accounts/Identities/Access take on new meaning so a direct port wouldn’t make sense.

We’re definitely interested in hearing what kinds of features/functionalities are important to users that rely on the Vision component.


Make us at least use the user management component for identity sources wich are not 3rd party.
Furthermore 3rd party edits are very nice, like active directory etc. if possible.

A user management component or scripting interface that will allow users to be added and removed is needed if role management needs to be segregated over various admins. As it is, it appears that we have to drop back to Vision or give the user admins access to the entire set of users.

I think it is still possible to add users, but its not a standard component anymore. now you have to make your own user management.

My opinion is do away with the user management components and give us the ability thru scripting to modify every aspect of user management. I know for sure right now you cant edit a roster thru scripting.


Maybe start with something that is similar to existing set of features like default, hybrid and AD user source management since most of us already actively using them.

I keep getting asked for an ETA for a user management interface for perspective. Any ETA you can provide would be helpful. I’m assuming all of the functionality from that UI is available in python so I will probably just write one if it’s going to be a whlie.

On second thought… I did some digging into the python methods and it looks like the ability to add users or add users to rosters is not exposed to python. I guess we’re waiting for a perspective control for this. If anyone knows of a way to write your own for perspective; I’m interested.

Hi @Steve_Laubach,

We do not currently have an ETA for this. I have linked the associated ticket and will let you know when there has been some progress.


In 8.0.3 you’ll be able to add users through scripting. Here’s the functions we added:

  • system.user.addUser
  • system.user.editUser
  • system.user.removeUser
  • system.user.getNewUser
  • system.user.createScheduleAdjustment

Will this functionality be ported to 7.9 as well?

Very unlikely. 7.9 is no longer getting new features, only bug fixes.

I have a customer that wants to be able to adjust on call rosters using a Perspective screen. I was planning to do this using scripting. I might be missing something but I don’t see a function for doing that.

I see I can add users, roles and schedules but I don’t see a function for adding users to rosters. It seems there is not a way to add users to rosters.

If there isn’t; it would be very helpful for me if you can add a function to add users to rosters.

There isn’t currently a way to tie users to rosters, but you could fairly easily implement your own on-call roster management in a database, then use a calculated roster to use that in a pipeline.


That’ll satisfy my need. I would prefer to do a less custom solution but this gets me past the requirement which is my primary concern :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.

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Looks like this a planned feature for a future release.
Any ETA on this?

Paul, can you provide an update on Feature Ticket - 14054 when you get a chance?
(I tried from the support portal but didn’t find it.)

No real updates yet - it’s still something we have planned, but there’s still lots of technical hurdles that we haven’t sorted out.

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I believe when we have system.user library making a component for user mangement is not good idea. Specially when there are many feature left to add like drawing tools, …
Even when considering custom project theme it is much better to make it by project designer.
Personally I have hard time to mach vision user mangement component with my project like and feels.

@PGriffith are there any updates on this?