[Feature-14079] Perspective App (mobile) - pull-to-refresh configurable

It would be good to have the option to disable the pull-to-refresh on perspective app, like it’s on chrome:

The reason is: we’re using some views that require zoom, since it’s mobile, and when the user is panning, sometimes they “overscroll” and the page refreshes.

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I use the perspective app on an Android tablet.
I have made an application that requires a lot of scrolling in the application.
When you scroll and reach the end of the page and you continue scrolling, the application will reload (see image).
Is there a way to make sure that the application is not loaded again when scrolling / swiping?

Thank you

I have the same problem. with this long loading time it’s really annoying.

I’ve added an internal feature ticket to track this request.

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We are having this issue also, it is extremely frustrating. Is there any estimate on when an option to disable the refresh might be added?

This is indeed very annoying. I have the same problem

This was added in Ignition 8.1.5; session.device.settings.pullToRefresh can be toggled in the session props.