[FEATURE-14162] Loading Animation

Dear all,
I need to implement a loading animation in Perspective, used for historical data views, for example. I would expect something like the loading animation you implemented for the Flex Repeater component.
What is your suggestion about?

Thank you.


You mean something like a circular/spinning progress bar? We actually already have plans for one, if that is what you are referring to. I don’t know of anyone asking for it before you, but now that someone has, it should help expedite the process.



Thank you for your reply.
I was thinking something like https://codepen.io/aleksander351/pen/KzgKPo, but also the loading used for the Flex Repeater is fine!


Okay, great. We are talking about the same thing. We will bump the priority. Thanks for the request.


Dears, any update on this topic?
Thank you.

This post will be updated when progress has been made. We have a lot of stuff in our backlog, so “polish” features like this aren’t necessarily at the top of the list.

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Hi, have you polished this yet?