[FEATURE-14187] Perspective table edit enable / disable

Following on from our blinding success with Perspective table edit example, please and Perspective table edit - retrieve the "before edit" value in script here is the next query in the adventure.

We have some columns on the table enabled for editing on double-click. How do we enable/disable editing based on user privileges? The only way we can see is to enable or disable each column’s “editable” property in script when the view is loaded.

Am I missing a global table edit enable / disable somewhere?


We are very happy that you’re experiencing success with the Perspective table component. Nothing like what you’ve requested at the moment exists, so yes, you’ll have to disable every column, and any cells configured as editable. We could easily add a master switch that will override all, which would work opposite of the way we have things currently set up (a cell can override the editing mode of a column through greater specificity). I can definitely see some use cases for this, though. I will open up a feature ticket and we will discuss it internally and get back to you soon.