[Feature-14345]Login/Logout Events For Perspective

Good Morning

Within Perspective, I’d like to run an event when a user logs in, I can see how to run an event when the session starts in Session events but the user info seems not to be available at that time. What am I missing?

I’ve got a workaround for now,
a change event on a property in “session.props.auth.user”
but Login and Logout Events might be useful.

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Correct, this is because a Perspective Session “starts” long before a session even arrives at the login page, so there is no user information yet. A Perspective Session essentially starts the moment a browser queries the Gateway for a Perspective Session and is then provided a sessionId.

As for the Login Event, you’ve probably placed your code in the best available spot at this time. I’ll open a feature request for the concept of Login/Logout Events, although since there is already a way to perform similar actions the feature will probably take some time before it’s considered.