[FEATURE-14405] RFID Authentication


We would like to implement RFID login for our Perspective application and do not have an external identity provider at this time. Is there a way to use the built in Ignition identity provider but attach some kind of RFID tag. We planned to handle the RFID reading within the PLC and send a code to Ignition to force a login of a specific user but at this time it doesn’t look like there’s a way to login a specific user but maybe I’m missing something. Or is there a simple external identity provider that could accomplish this?




Hi @apgilber -

Development is underway for badge scan support for the Ignition Identity Provider. The idea is: you will be able to assign badge IDs for each user in the the user source profile assigned to the Identity Provider. In the Identity Provider settings, you can enable badge scan mode. When the user tries to log in, they will be prompted to scan their badge. In the web browser, we treat a badge scan as basic keyboard input which we listen to in the background, and once the badge scans, we look for the user with the corresponding badge ID. If there is a match, we log in the user. Hopefully this is something that could work for you.



Yes that sounds great. Any timeline on that development?



Should be in an Early Access Build within a few weeks if all goes according to plan.



Would there be a way to get this for Vision as well? Perspective isnt ready for fulltime desktop use, and we would like this feature for Vision. Thanks!



Hi @Kyle_Chase -

Yes: badge-based authentication will become available in Vision once we make Vision IdP-aware.