[FEATURE-14434] Perspective Sparkline Range won't expand

I’ve been eagerly waiting an update to the Sparkline chart so I’ve downloaded the nightly version b2019070802 to test out the Sparkline enhancements.

One issue that I’ve run into is the Range will not expand beyond the data, is this intentional? I am able to contract the range but I can’t expand it beyond the dataset. This illustration shows what I mean.

When I add a new Sparkline to a view it’s default range is from 0 to 100 based on the default data.
If I set the range to 15 to 85 it contracts.
If I set the range to -100 to 200 the range does not expand beyond 0 to 100.

Interestingly, if you make the range low= 200 and high= -200 (yes, I know the high is negative and the low is positive) it inverts the data but the range does expand beyond the data.

I would like to know if this behavior is intentional or if I should be able to make the range exceed the data.

The ideal behavior for my application would be to set a ‘Minimum Range’ so that the user can always see the “desired” high and low lines, even if the data is tight and well within the desired range. I called it a ‘minimum’ range because my preference would be the the range could still expand automatically if the data exceeded the minimum ranges set. But the range couldn’t get any smaller than the ‘minimum’ range set.

I would want it to look like this
and expand if the data exceeded the minimum range.

Nope, not intentional. Just oversight on my part. Will try to get a fix in today. -Yousuf

Awesome, thank you!

Another little quirk I noticed is when the desired limit is outside the range the line still appears in the graph.

For example if I have a desired high of 80 and the high range is set to 60 you can see the desired high line at the top of the graph. It appears as if the desired high is set to 60.

Right, the desired range cannot exceed the bounds of the set range, so the line will always appear on the chart.

Update has been merged and will be available in the next nightly. -Yousuf

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Just checked, expanding the ranges beyond the dataset is working well! Thank you.