[FEATURE-14512] Perspective: signing into session with user without permission impossible to login with another user


Perspective project properties “Permissions” group set to Public->Authenticated->Roles->Operator
Login with user without Operator role.
Page shows with “Forbidden” and cannot go back to login as another user (it just auto-logs back in as the same user). Browser must be closed and reopened.

Or clear the cookies for the target site.

Hi @nminchin -

Thanks for reporting this. We lack a button or link on that page to logout (if you are already logged in). I’ve created feature ticket 14512 to address this.

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Issue still exists in 8.0.4

Looking forward to fix.

The 8.0.6 nightly available today introduces a logout button on that Forbidden page.


I installed v8.0.7 the situation is this.

you can delete the button Launch Gateway?

Thank You