[Feature-14576] Perspective Horizontal/Vertical Mirroring

I am using shapes/symbols from the Symbol Factory and need to mirror the shape horizontally. How can this be accomplished? I can’t paste the object into Inkscape…is there a workaround until basic drawing tools are introduced?


Thank you for your feedback. There isn’t currently a way to do this directly in Perspective, however it would make a good enhancement.

We are currently working on improving Rotation in Perspective- Bug 11010 (which “under the covers” are using CSS transforms), mirroring itself could also be implemented similarly using CSS transforms(a mirror is equivalent to a transform of scaleX(-1) or scaleY(-1) for horizontal and vertical mirroring respectively).

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Hey, i want to follow up to see if there is a update for this Bug 11010. I can use scaleX(-1) for horizontal mirroring a No crescent arrow, but can’t use scaleY(-1) for vertical mirroring.
@mperkins @vcgasman

Did you try it with other images? (That arrow is identical when vertically mirrored, so it might be working without you realizing…)

Thank you so much sir, yes, that’s it. I try a vertical arrow, by using scaleY(-1), the arrow can flip vertically, but not horizontally. OMG…

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