[FEATURE-14689, 14690] Time Series Chart - Perspective 8.0.3

I’ve only been playing with the new Time Series Chart for a couple hours and I’m already glad I can get rid of my XY charts.

I do have a couple quick questions.
First is simple, is there a way to vertically align (center) the Y-axis Label? I’ve add an axes to the plot and given it a name; then assigned that name to the trends’ axis property. Then I can modify the axes’ style, but I can’t figure out how to align it. I can move it left and right with the label offset property but it’s up at the top of the axis. The text align style doesn’t seem to do anything.

Second, the functionality of the zoom, using the mouse wheel, is great but when the graph updates (from polling) it zooms back out. Is there a way to prevent this. My plot polls every few seconds and if you zoom in it automatically zooms back out with every new data point.

Hi @dkylep, I’m glad to hear that it’s working well for you!

Y Axis Vertical Align
With this first release, we don’t have a way yet to center the axis text. We’re hoping to have some enhanced styling options available in a future release.

Zoom and Polling Behavior
The behavior that you’re describing does exist on the Chart Range Selector component, but we don’t have it in place yet on the Time Series Chart. We can certainly build it into the Time Series Chart in a future release.


The 8.0.5 nightly build from today contains a change where the chart will maintain its zoom level on poll.
The Y Axis alignment request yet hasn’t been implemented yet, but it’s still on our radar.

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