[FEATURE-14734] Perspective Time Series Chart - No Pen Legend

There is not anywhere to configure a legend for what each pen and color represents. I understand that using the x trace feature shows what each pen is named in the series data, but if xTrace is not visible, or, I am viewing on a mobile device, I would like to see what the pens are.

I will open a feature request for a legend.

Please, when are we likely to have this feature?

Hi @fisayoa,

We do not currently have an exact time estimation for this feature, but it is something we are planning on adding in soon. I can certainly update this post when its been added.

Thank you

This feature was added in the 8.0.6 nightly build that was uploaded today (10/21).

Is there any way to turn pens on and off with this legend like we were able to do with the easy chart? The only thing I can see is that if its selected you can change colors and make the line thicker but there isn’t a way to hide it altogether.