[FEATURE-14735] Perspective Time Series Chart Y-Axis Label

Does anyone know which property to change/set/add to change the label of the y axis on the time series chart component?

Hi @ray.crowder, to have a labeled Y-Axis, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve created an axis under the axes config for the trend that will use this axis. Make sure the name of the axis is selected for the trend. The axis will have a label config where you can provide label text and toggle the label visibility.

Thanks Joshua. That was helpful, but I was not concise enough in my question. I meant the tick labels on the y-axis.


Oh, gotcha. Right now, those are auto-generated, but I have a feature request to allow a data format to be provided so you’ll have precise control over how the tick label data is displayed.

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Has this been implemented yet? I’m trying to figure out how to do this in a chart I’m working on.

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