[FEATURE-14749] Perspective Time Series Chart - xTrace Info Box Text Properties

1.) Is it possible to change the color, size, etc. of the text within the xTrace Info Box? I’ve tried changing the style properties but it doesn’t apply. Is there somewhere I am missing to do this?
2.) Is it possible to change the color, size, format, etc. of the text that represents the date shown for the xTrace?


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Hi @vcgasman, with this first release, neither of those texts can be styled. We can allow for that in a future release.

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I see as of 8.0.7 there are many option for styling of the X Trace box, but the date format is still missing.

Are there any plans for this?


@deon.korb, I opened a feature request to expose the date/time format as a property.

Excellent, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on the change logs

Has there been any progress on this feature? I’ve had a few complaints that the info box text is difficult to read. I don’t see a way to change the text size or color.


@rberghammer, I just bumped the priority of the feature request. This one has been lower priority for awhile.

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Thanks @jball!

Has this been done yet? The date is very hard to read. I’m being pushed to fix this issue, but I can not. Is there any work around?

This hasn’t been done yet. In another effort (still in progress), I’ve added a several CSS classes to the underlying chart library that will let you create style overrides to target this. I can update this thread once the library changes are part of a build and give you a style override that will meet your needs until I can expose those x-trace text properties in the TS chart.

Can you elaborate? I’m getting a lot of pressure to get this fixed. The default color schemes is very hard to see for the charts. Everything is light gray by default.

Yes, I’ve added CSS classes that will let you target the x-trace text via a style override rule that will look something like this:

.ia_timeMarker text {
    fill: black !important;

This is not in place yet, but your rule will look something like that. It can also be made more specific to target just the text inside of the “box” portion of the display, if desired. !important will be needed to force the rule to override the inline SVG styles that are applied via default and component properties.


I’m not sure how to do this.

Am I close?

Check out the section on the docs site about modifying Perspective Themes. While this isn’t creating a modification to an existing theme, you’ll be adding a style rule to the core CSS files in the same way that you would modify a theme.

Hi there,

Is there any update on when these properties will be added ?


I dont want to make it darker i want to lock this thing down on the side of the chart when can we make that happen?


What is the state of this feature? I’m getting asked from a client to change the color on the x trace and the time range to be darker because the background color they are using is a light gray.


HI, Any update on this feature? Long pending item. Though this should be a quick fix item. Thanks.

@jball did this ever get attention? As of 8.1.11 I don’t see anything obviously available to modify the text properties for the x-trace timestamp, this is really bothersome when you are trying to keep with a dark theme yet you need to set your chart background to something so light in order to see the timestamp value.

Hi all, with this being possible through theming, the request to add styling through component properties has been a lower priority. Given that this thread still has decent traction, I’ve bumped the priority of the internal ticket so we can make this available soon.